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About Sharon Connolly, Image Consultant (Singapore)

Image Consultant, TV Stylist, Writer, Presenter, Trainer, Personal Shopper, Motivational Speaker, Personal Branding Expert - A truly talented and versatile woman.

For 9 years Sharon Connolly has been one of the most successful and sought after image consultants in the UK and now she’s spreading her magic in Singapore. Since training to be an image consultant with Colour Me Beautiful 9 years ago Sharon has helped thousands of people to discover how fabulous they can look, once they know their rules and gain the confidence to be creative.

Sharon originally trained as a consultant with Colour Me Beautiful but quickly developed her own unique style of consultations concentrating on getting people to work with what they already have in their wardrobes rather than getting them to start over from scratch. A busy mum of 2, Sharon runs three successful businesses so she knows that "What to Wear" might not be at the top of your list each morning. This is why having a wardrobe full of clothes that work, and combine properly is so important. “It’s important that everything in your wardrobe is the right style and colour and then choosing clothes for any occasion becomes easy.”

As well as individual consultations Sharon offers corporate branding companies to ensure that their employees are portraying the right image. She has run Dress for Success workshops for Microsoft, Unilever, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, BBC, Channel4, Chamber of Commerce, British Heart Foundation, Devere Hotels, UKInbound, American Chamber of Commerce, Hollandse Club Singapore, IPAC Singapore, NUS Singapore. Asia Professional Speakers Singapore. Maura Fay Global Training.

Sharon’s motivation and enthusiasm for her subject is evident in all her work. She loves what she does and is passionate about helping others to make the best of themselves. Down to earth and personable Sharon’s advice is totally achievable for everyone.

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